p-49 frequently asked questions

QUESTION:   How does PROPELLANT 49 compare to other ice melters?

ANSWER:      Pound per pound P-49 melts more ice and snow than cheaper ice melters.  It melts at lower temperatures.  It melts faster and continues to melt snow up to 36 hours.

QUESTION:   P-49 continues to melt for 36 hours?

ANSWER:      Yes.  It's what we call "Controlled Melting Action".  This means you can apply P-49 at the first sign of snow or ice to keep your sidewalks and drives safe all day long.  You can go home for the night knowing P-49 is still on the job keeping sidewalks and driveways safe overnight!

QUESTION:   How long for delivery of a PROPELLANT 49 order?

ANSWER:      Normal delivery time is about 4-6 days.

QUESTION:   Who pays the freight?

ANSWER:      The customer pays freight charges directly to the truckline upon delivery.  Being a PACE customer has advantages here too.  Because we are a volume shipper, PACE shipments receive as much as a 60% discount from the trucklines which typically applies to a customer's delivery too.  In addition, each of our P-49 packages, from the Handy Pack to the Blizzard Bonus, gives you FREE material whose value far offsets any freight charge.

QUESTION:   What if I am a school and unable to accept a freight collect shipment?

ANSWER:      We understand that school or government customers are sometimes unable to accept a collect shipment.  For their convenience we are happy to prepay the freight on request and add the freight charges to the invoice.

QUESTION:   Can a bank place a large order like a Blizzard Bonus to take advantage of the savings and then have smaller quantities shipped to each branch office?

ANSWER:      Absolutely yes.  We have many such customers; not only banks, but fast food restaurants, supermarkets and property management firms.  They get the benefit of the volume price, we invoice to a central office and make the shipments to different locations.

QUESTION:   How does PROPELLANT 49 work on snow?

ANSWER:      A good question as obviously even an ice melter as potent as P-49 will not melt a snow drift.  However it does melt hard packed snow and if sprinkled evenly over walks and drives before heavy snow fall it prevents ice from forming and greatly expedites a heavy snow removal.

QUESTION:   I've had bad experience with ice melters killing my grass and shrubs.  How can I be sure P-49 will be different?

ANSWER:      P-49 has proven to be safe to grass, shrubs, flowers and other vegetation.  Both in laboratory conditions and over 40 years in use throughout the US and Canada!  P-49 has been used for over 4 decades at National Shrines where the landscaping is priceless.  The White House, Washington Monument, Vietnam Veterans Memorial ... we also sell to many landscaping companies for their own use.

QUESTION:   Does P-49 leave an unsightly white residue that can track in?

ANSWER:      This is one of the advantages of P-49 our customers love.  No white residue.  No white residue track-in.

QUESTION:   We just moved into our new building.  Can we use Propellant 49 on our new sidewalks?

ANSWER:      The Portland Cement Association recommends against using any type of a chemical de-icer including salt on concrete that is less than 1 year old because it can take this long for new concrete to reach it's full structural strength.